Meet The Business Owner

In the beginning, Dave was working a full time job at a big food distributor in Phoenix. He started working for a sprinkler repair company part time when his wife was laid off in the electronics industry. As time went by, this was not working out because on some days he could not leave his full time job when the sprinkler company really needed him. Then, when he did get off early, the sprinkler company would penalize him for not being able to work the day before, by not giving him any jobs. From here, he started advertising on his own and worked these jobs on the side for a few more years.

Dave M.

Eventually, started making more money than the full time job. That's when the decision was made to go full time with the business. It has gotten better an more refined over the years and now is very streamlined and efficient. Dave still does every aspect of the business by himself to ensure top level customer service and satisfaction. You will be amazed at the efficiency of this service.