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Our Satisfied Clients

– I missed an appointment with Dave (totally my fault) but he still was able to find a piece I had been looking for for weeks in his truck and leave it for me anyway. Huge help and I’ll definitely call again (and be there next time :)).

– Awesome crew. I called and they came over to fix my sprinklers the next day. Very well trained, quick & reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend.

– Highly recommend! My system has a few issues. But Dave was not only fast (less than 48 hours from initial call) but also easy to communicate with and courteous. Speaking with him, you can see he has an amazing passion for his craft and helping others!

– Dave was very accommodating! He explained everything and thoroughly reviewed our system. His pricing was more than reasonable. I received same day service and will definitely use him again. He knows his stuff! Thanks, Dave.

– Dave is honest and trustworthy! He diagnosed that we had a module in our water timer that was broken. He said he could replace the timer or due to his not having the part, I could DIY. He showed me how to replace the module and told me where to buy it. Easily replaced and back to working. Dave did not charge for the call stating he did not do any work so he would not charge me! He has ALL my future business and will use word of mouth to sell his services.

– I bought a house with some problems regarding the sprinklers. Trust me, I don’t understand anything about sprinklers. I called Dave and not only he was able to understand what I was trying to explain what my problem was, as he was giving me some tips to solve them. He was so helpful that when I tried to use his tips, I got the system to work. Since he never went to my house, I never actually payed for the service, so the best way to help him is to give him 5 starts and say that he was always so polite and he was not even upset when I canceled my appointment. I wish all the service guys were like him… For sure I will keep his number in case I need anything. THANK you Dave

The most trustworthy and professional sprinkler timer replacement service provider in Arizona is always ready to give you the sprinkler repair service you deserve, no matter where you are!

Our sprinkler timer repair and sprinkler valve replacement services available throughout Sun Lakes, San Tan Valley, and other nearby cities in AZ have been the most outstanding sprinkler repair service ever since 1995. Through our 2-hour window appointment time and the punctual arrival of our consultants, we were able to deliver the sprinkler timer replacement services with swift diagnosis and cost estimates that are all within the budget constraint of our customers without having to compromise the superior quality of our sprinkler timer repair services.


Aside from our sprinkler timer repair and replacement services, we also offer our premier and affordable sprinkler valve repair services to our customers throughout Sun Lakes, San Tan Valley, and other nearby cities in AZ. Once you find a leak or a broken sprinkler head in your front yard, it is not advisable that you do it on your own since it may provide more damage to it, thus, making you spend more than you can. Dave’s Sprinkler Repair is here to deliver you the best sprinkler valve replacement service which includes properly diagnosing your need and fixing it in two hours or less. Moreover, we do not only execute our sprinkler timer repair services, but we also conduct multiple-point evaluation and analysis that could determine the root concern; thus, making you more knowledgeable of how your sprinkler valve works, and how it can function well in the long-term.


Not only do we offer our conventional and affordable sprinkler valve repair services, but we also offer our sprinkler timer replacement services to both residential and commercial customers living in Sun Lakes, San Tan Valley, and other nearby cities in AZ. At Dave’s Sprinkler Repair, we understand that system design and specification are the keys to the success of your sprinkler system; hence, our sprinkler timer and sprinkler valve replacement services are designed specifically to employ the latest water conservation technologies in order to save valuable resources—both precious water and money. 


Our affordable sprinkler valve repair, timer replacement, outdoor plumbing, and other general sprinkler repair services have been praised because of the consistently superior quality of the services that we offer. In addition to that, our customers have been increasing in number not only because of our internet presence but also because of the continuous referral of our customers even through word-of-mouth, that is why our company has been gaining the reputation as the best and most professional sprinkler repair company throughout Arizona.

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